The Cajun Collection Auto Ship - Package 1


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* Dry Beans, Peas & Lentils (choose One)

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The Cajun Collection Auto Ship - Package 1 - Choose one product from each category or choose Surprise Me! and we'll do the choosing for you. PAY ONLY $8.50 FOR SHIPPING!


The Cajun Collection Auto Ship - Package 1 - Become a member of our Cajun Food Club and receive a variety of delicious food products monthly.

When you choose The Cajun Collection - Package 1 for the low price of only $35, you will receive 8 different products of your choice. PAY ONLY $8.50 FOR SHIPPING!

What better way to try out a variety of real Cajun products! We make it easy and affordable with lots of delicious items to choose from. Plus, it's delivered right to you every month.

We will send you a monthly email reminder for you to make the food selections for your next shipment and place your monthly order.

If you're adventurous and want to be surprised, let us do the choosing for you. With all of the awesome products we have to offer, you definitely won't be disappointed!

You can cancel your auto ship program membership at any time by sending an email to .

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