Ice Bites Snowcone on the Go

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Ice Bites Snowcone on the Go 8 oz. pouch

Ice Bites Snowcone on the Go 8 oz. pouch

Ice Bites are a hassle-free, no mess, snowcone On-The-Go. They deliver the classic New Orleans style snowcone taste in a user-friendly pouch. Simply freeze for 4-6 hours, massage gently, and enjoy!

Strawberry snowcone is one of the most popular flavors available, and for good reason. The fresh tasting, fruity goodness is perfect for cooling off or just to get the taste of a fresh juicy strawberry.

Wedding Cake snowcone is a perfect blend of vanilla, almond, and other secret flavors, and it truly tastes like scrumptious wedding cake and frosting.

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